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Aerospace & Defence Applications

High-pressure solutions for mission critical environments where safety, security, and survivability count.


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For 75 years and counting, Haskel has been recognized as the world’s leading provider of high-pressure industrial gas and liquid handling equipment. We not only lead this industry–we helped develop it. It’s why the products and solutions we create perform successfully in a variety of demanding environments. And it’s why we are consistently selected for mission critical applications that are fundamental to global sustainability, safety, security, research and exploration.

In the Defense industry, every need is mission critical. Haskel understands this better than anyone, and we’ve been providing the safe and trusted solutions that armed services know they can count on. And continue to count on.

Haskel gas boosters, for example, are designed to handle specialty applications. Boosters designed specifically for hydrogen or hydrogen fuel cell use are engineered with metals that resist hydrogen embrittlement and seals to ensure long life. And our oxygen cleaned gas boosters meet high purity standards and are designed to meet MIL-SPEC 1330D for cleanliness. We also offer loT and autonomous operation enabled, smart, clean and quiet and gas compressors, as well as electric servo driven compression technology.

Simply put: Haskel provides the innovative solutions you need to help make the world a better, safer place.