Industry: Fluid Power

Providing Proven Reliable High-Pressure Solutions for The Fluid Power Industry.


Haskel designs and manufactures innovative fluid power solutions for customers through unmatched expertise in handling high-pressure fluid transfer and pressurization applications.

Fluid Power Solutions

Safe, reliable, and energy efficient: fluid power solutions for hydraulically operated equipment

The superior design of Haskel pumps makes them the optimal choice for certain fluid power applications, outperforming conventional electric driven pumps.


Key Features

  • As pressure is raised, Haskel pumps will slow down, stop and maintain pressure indefinitely without consuming power and heat generation.
  • Flow rates are infinitely variable and continuous, without adverse effect from starting and stopping.
  • Tank sizes can be small, allowing for more portable systems because overheating is not a problem. Conventional electric pumps require large tanks to dissipate heat or a cooling system fitting.
  • Non-lubricating fluids such as water or soluble oil and water can be used.
  • Seal material is wear-compensating and provides its own lubrication. This is not practical in electric- driven pumps where hydraulic fluid for lubrication and internal clearances are required. This creates a problem when:
    • Flow must stop and pressure must be sustained
    • Fluids are non-lubricating
    • Pressures are high
  • Our pumps can operate on a continuous basis at a de-rated duty.
  • Pressures of over 5,000 psi (345 bar) can be generated.
  • Pumps are intrinsically safe for operation in hazardous areas.
  • They can be connected into conventional circuits to take over from the electric-drive pump when the pressure increases and flow decreases. This greatly reduces the electric motor size in a situation such as rubber molding press where daylight closing is required under low load, and high-pressure sustaining for long periods is required during the curing process.